Ochsner Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana

by Maureen Dombourian
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

I had my surgery 8 years ago. I had a very long journey to find out what was wrong with me. As a female, many doctors brushed it off as chronic fatigue and stress. I kept being told to wait and see if my blood work got any worse. I had sky high parathyroid hormone levels, but high normal calcium. They kept telling me this could not be causing my extreme fatigue. Usually a very hyper person, I was barely functioning. I was persistent with the doctors and finally convinced the endocrine surgeon at Ochsner to do a scan. He did find something in one gland. It turned out that three glands were affected. I now have a new lease on life. My surgery did not cause any complications and I have never regretted having it.

My parathyroid hormone levels are above normal from time to time. Some fatigue has returned. It is likely that the other gland is acting up. Not sure what I'll do about that. I function well and the fatigue is never as bad as before. My daughter is having symptoms and has inflated parathyroid levels. No one wants to give her surgery because she is only 24. She has put dental school on hold because of her fatigue. So, we begin another long and arduous journey for her. The condition is very debilitating and does not get the attention it and we deserve!
It is important to remember that it is your health and you must be persistent. Medicine is not an exact science. Keep searching until you find doctors who are willing to listen to you and think outside the box. Best Wishes to All Who Must Take This Journey!

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