Magnesium and Kidney Stones

Magnesium breaks down calcium kidney stones. Early yesterday morning, I was awaken by a dream I was having that showed me I was about to have another kidney stone attack. The dream was quite ugly and since each time I had kidney stone attacks in the past, the attacks were always preceded by a dream pertaining to my health. I was frightened so I decided to pay attention and do something about it before I get to the stage where I have this consistent non-stop excruciating pain.

In the earlier years when I had these dreams before my kidney stone attacks, I didn’t know what they meant; but now, after having so many dreams before the attacks, I got the message, I knew exactly what my dream was telling me. I needed to take action immediately to dissolve the kidney stones.

I wasn't experiencing any pain at the moment but I knew would be coming I just didn't know when.

I woke up out of the dream instantly and I tried to get out of bed. I felt a sharp pain in both the right and left ureters when trying to sit up. I know it was the ureters because the pain was in my groin area on my right and left sides.

My goodness, I didn't realize that when I woke up I would be having the pain that fast. In the past, my dreams happened months even years before the attacks; but this was the first time I experienced pain so soon after my dream.

I thought, OH NO, GOD PLEASE don’t let me have a kidney stone attack right now, because it's extremely painful and the pain does not stop, it’s consistent until the kidney stone(s) are removed or dissolved. I know this is super serious because I never had kidney stones in both sides at the same time before. I was praying I would be able to do something about it early so I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I stood up there was no pain. Good I thought, thank you God, the kidney stones are not stuck in my ureter. That means they are not so large they’re touching the walls of the ureter and cannot move. That's when you feel the pain, when the kidney stones touch the walls of the ureter.

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When I got to the bathroom, I could barely sit down on the toilet because I could feel the pain again in both ureters. After urination, I checked the toilet to make sure there was no blood present in my urine. I washed my hands then looked in the mirror and noticed the whites of my eyes were mildly pink. This is another sign for me that I was about to have a kidney stone attack. Each time I had a kidney stone attack, a few days before the attack, the whites of my eyes turned slightly pink. I didn’t know why my eyes were slightly pink because I felt fine. This time, I knew without a doubt I was on the verge of a serious kidney stones attack.

I have magnesium in the medicine cabinet. I’ll take that. I already knew magnesium counter acts calcium because I had used it before in the past for dissolving kidney stones. I took 400 mgs of magnesium glycinate at 7:30 am. After that, I walked around the house and did chores I could do standing on my feet until I felt I could sit down without any pain. At about 10:00 am I decided to try to sit down and I was able to do it with no pain. I admit that I was afraid to sit down or even to bend over because the pain was so bad.

I took another 400 mg of magnesium glycinate every 4 hours three times after I took the first pill at 7:30 am yesterday. I am not fooled by the fact that I haven’t felt any pain since I’ve taken the magnesium. The kidney stones are still there, they are just smaller in size. I know this because I have not felt them pass out of my body yet. What I have done is , I’ve started the process of dissolving kidney stones and avoiding excruciating pain.

Today, I can go about my daily routine as usual and I feel fine. I’ve read that lemon juice dissolves kidney stones so I’m going to the store to get some lemons and see if that process really works. I don’t have any chanca piedra on hand and I do have an aloe vera plant but since there is no bleeding in my urine, I choose to use the magnesium glycinate because aloe vera is very bitter to the taste. I have used aloe vera in the past to dissolve kidney stones and it worked very well.

A WORD OF CAUTION, the use of magnesium and aloe vera are both great to dissolve kidney stones. However, if you take too much of either one, it will cause you to have loose bowels. So you really should talk to your health care practitioner before you take either one. I did have runny bowels about 9:30 pm last night. I was not sick and I felt quite good after that short episode. I slept very well through the night with no bowel problems.

I took one 400 mg magnesium pill this morning at 7:30am and I will take another one around 1:30 pm because I don't want another runny bowel episode again today. I will continue to take the magnesium until I pass the kidney stones. I am drinking a lot of water in an attempt to flush these kidney stones out of my body as well. I’m drinking enough water to make myself urinate every 30-40 minutes throughout the day.

Good News! Now after all of that, I found magnesium oil and I rub it into my skin. It can be added to water to soak your feet or added to bath water with no side effects. It's even better than epsom salt because it's magnesium chloride which absorbs into your cells better than epsom salt.

Most people are magnesium deficient and don't know it. Some symptoms of this deficiency are twitching muscles, muscle cramps, epilepsy and twitching eyelids. Click here to listen to what Dr. Osborne and Web Wellness University have to say about Magnesium Deficiency.

Now I'm getting higher levels of magnesium in my system without the worry of loose bowels because I take magnesium in pill form and I rub Magnesium Oil on my skin and my eyelids have stopped twitching.

It takes time for kidney stones to pass out of your body. I remember the first time I had kidney stones and was hospitalized for them. They fed me water intravenously around the clock for 3 days in an effort to pass the kidney stones on my own. I passed 2 in the hospital and after that happened, they sent home with a kidney stone strainer to catch the remaining stones still in my kidney as they left my body through urination.

It took about two weeks before the last kidney stone passed. I had 3 kidney stones which the number was determined through x-rays. I took the kidney stone to my urologist to be analyzed and it was determined that the content was a calcium kidney stone. Anyway, I’m thankful that I had magnesium in the house so I was able to help myself as soon as I realized I had the kidney stones through my dream and the reality of the pain I felt when I tried to get out of bed.

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