Kidney Stones Symptoms

You can easily identify some kidney stones symptoms once you know what to look for. When you see the signs of kidney stones you can do something about them before they grow so large they can’t pass out of your body and cause excruciating pain.

Cloudy Urine

The best way to describe cloudy urine is, it's not clear. It has a hazy look to it. It may be dark yellow and cloudy or a mild yellow and cloudy. If you're urine is dark yellow, you are not drinking enough water regardless of whether or not it's cloudy. Anyway, cloudy urine is one of the early signs of kidney stones.

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If the urine is cloudy you may definitely be developing kidney stones. A person should drink more water and it may be helpful to go to a urologist or a clinic and have your urine tested for the presence of uric acid or oxalate acid in the urine. If a person finds out there's uric acid or oxalate acid in the urine, they may be able to determine with the aid of their health care practitioner which foods they can eat and drink to possibly prevent the formation of kidney stones and alleviate any kidney stones symptoms.

If the urine has too much uric acid or oxalate acid in it, then drinking more water to flush the kidneys and bladder so those acids don’t accumulate will help in making a person less susceptible to seeing kidney stone symptoms and avoid the formation of kidney stones. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you have kidney stones when he or she takes some x-rays of your kidneys.

Important Note: It is important to have a white toilet in your house. That may sound funny but it is very important for you to see the color or your urine and poop. It’s important because when you know the color of urine and the consistency of your poop and you communicate this to your doctor, (s)he can tell you if you may be experiencing other health problems other than kidney stones symptoms.

Also, how will you know if your poop or urine has blood in it if the color or your toilet is brown for instance or green? You need to be absolutely sure of the color of your urine and poop so you can communicate with your medical practitioner exactly what you saw when you eliminated your body waste. If you don’t have a white toilet at home and you're well enough, then go someplace where they have clean restrooms if you can and check yourself there. If you're fortunate enough to have more than one bathroom in your home, then make sure one of them has a white toilet. You really need to know if your developing kidney stones when you see the early signs of kidney stones.

Whether at home or someplace else, flush the toilet before you use it. The reason for that is: although the toilet may be clean, it’s possible a piece of lint from your clothing or someone else clothing may have fallen in the toilet and if you didn’t notice it before you used it and you should happen to pass a tiny painless kidney stone or something else, you can’t be sure that what you’re seeing actually passed out of your body or if it was there before you eliminated your body waste; so do this first then check your urine to see if it’s cloudy. If it is this is a definite kidney stones symptom and you may possibly already be forming more kidney stones.

Pain In The Heels Of Your Feet

If you experience pain in the heels of your feet when you first get out of bed in the morning, or after lying down or sitting for a while, and upon taking those first steps you feel pain in the heels of your feet and maybe within a short period of time after walking around the heels of your feet no longer hurt; then maybe you decided later in the day to lie down and take a nap or sit down and watch TV for a long period of time and when you get up and you feel the pain again when you take your first steps, this is another kidney stones symptom and what your feeling is kidney stone crystals in the heels of your feet which is the beginning stage of kidney stone formation. I know this because each time I actually had a kidney stones attack; long before the stones were large enough to get stuck in my kidneys or utterer causing me excruciating pain, I always experienced this kidney stones symptom first.

This is an early sign you’re getting kidney stones because it takes time for kidney stone crystals to harden into large enough kidney stones that they can’t pass out of your body and cause excruciating pain. Of course, in the early years of my hyperparathyroidism , I didn’t know this so after the initial pain in the heels of my feet went away, I went about my daily routine as usual not doing anything to prevent an inevitable future kidney stone attack until I had had a few attacks and learned to recognize this kidney stones symptom and started drinking Chanca Piedra tea to get rid of the pain in the heels of my feet.

Spraying Urine, Another Symptom of Kidney Stones

When urine exits your body in a spraying manner, you could possibly be passing a kidney stone and experiencing another sign of kidney stones. This was another symptom of kidney stones for me. Urine should exit the body in one steady stream. When it sprays in many directions, it may be because a kidney stone is blocking the passage out of the urinary tract so be sure not to overlook this kidney stones symptom.

Imagine you took a garden hose without a nozzle on it and you turn the water on, you'll see the water running out of the hose in a single steady stream. Now imagine the same garden hose with water running out of it and you placed your index finger in the steam of water, what happens, the water sprays in different directions because your finger has obstructed the flow of water. That’s what happens when a kidney stone is obstructing the flow of urine somewhere in the urinary tract and that's how you'll know your experiencing a kidney stones symptom.

If you’re prone to getting kidney stones and you’re seeing urine spraying out of your body rather than flowing in a steady stream, it’s possible you’re passing a kidney stone. This was another sign of kidney stones for me. Pain may or may not be associated with the kidney stones passing at this time because it depends on how large the stone is as to whether or not you will feel pain.

You may want to speak with an urologist and have a 24 hour urine analysis taken to determine what’s in the urine. This way you can avoid a future kidney stones attack and even worse possible damage to your kidneys.

Bubbles In The Urine

If you’re seeing a lot of bubbles in your urine, this too is a sure tell-tale sign you’re getting kidney stones. Here is another sign of kidney stones I experienced along with the pain in the heels in my feet. Bubbles and pain in the heels of your feet are not indicative of each other. You can have one without the other but they both, individually or together are Kidney Stones Symptoms.

If you have calcium kidney stones, you may want to consider cutting down on eating tomatoes, cooked spinach, collard greens, kale, broccoli, parsley and animal meats, black tea and dairy products until you are kidney stone free.

If you know you have kidney stones, you should try to catch at least one and take it to your urologist for analysis to determine what the stone is made of. Once you know this, you will know what foods may be causing your kidney stones. Below are a few ideas of some old kitchen utensils you can use to catch kidney stones when you urinate:

In order to catch kidney stones with a kitchen funnel, place a coffee filter inside the funnel first, then it's ready to be used. You can get any cheap coffee filter from your local grocery market or if you own an electric Mr. Coffee machine, use one of the coffee filters that come with the coffee machine.

Use a medium size kitchen strainer with a handle on it. You need the opening of the strainer to be wide enough to catch the urine if it sprays rather than coming out in a single stream.

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