A Good Way To Hydrate Yourself is to Drink 100% Pure Coconut Water!

Coconut water is an excellent way to hydrate your body and many companies sell their coconut water as a means of hydrating your body for better health and wellness especially after playing sports or working out in a gym, but what they don't tell you is many companies pasteurize their coconut water before they ship it in order to keep it from spoiling and to destroy any harmful bacteria that can form over time and to give it a prolonged shelf life. .

I didn’t know I needed to hydrate myself after my parathyroid surgery. My doctor told me I needed to drink a lot of water; but he didn’t tell me why, he just said, you have to drink a lot of water. At the time he told me that, I didn’t think anything of it except OK I will drink a lot of water; that seemed reasonable so I did! But I found out months later the water wasn’t hydrating me.

Soon after I left the hospital I began noticing my internal organs were dehydrated. How I figured that out was if I’d make the slightest moves like just turn my head to the left, the right side of my neck would tightened up. I had to quickly turn my head back again to release the tightened muscle. Or one day I was driving my car and needed to back it up to avoid a traffic jam; so when I turned my torso to the right so I could see where I was going, suddenly my stomach muscles tightened up. It was quite painful and I had to deal with the pain until I could turn my body around facing the front again. I had to stop the car and get out and grab my stomach muscles in order to release the cramping.


I knew then something was seriously wrong and I thought I'm not hydrated, so I thought I’m not drinking enough water so I increased my intake to 2 liters a day and still if I just lifted my leg to get into the car, my foot would cramp up and I’d have to immediately jump out of the car to stand on my foot to release the cramp. Sometimes my foot would cramp up while driving. I’d lift my foot off the gas pedal to apply the brakes and my foot would cramp up. I had to pull off the road to stop the car to get out and walk to release the cramp. I carried water everywhere I went so I could hydrate myself but the cramping was still happening.

I drank plenty of the water but if I went one day where I wasn’t able to drink enough water the cramping would start up again.

One day my sister bought some coconut water and shared it with me. Now I must admit, years ago, I had taken a trip to the Bahamas for vacation; while I was there I stopped at a road side stand bought some coconut water cut fresh from the coconut tree. I remember I really didn’t like the taste back then so when my sister brought it home, I was quite surprised when I tasted it and it was really good! I decided then to drink more of it.

After awhile, I noticed my body was hydrating because I wasn't experiencing the frequent cramping of my muscles, especially after drinking it fresh out of the coconut. So I decided to drink it on a daily basis; and low and behold my feet stopped cramping and I can turn my torso from side to side without any cramping and I can turn my head from side to side and my neck doesn’t cramp up either.

Of course, I began researching coconut water and one of the things I found was it has the same qualities as human blood plasma, and it helps regulate blood sugar as well. I drink 100% pure coconut water fresh from the young green coconut and whenever I cant get it fresh from young green coconut, I drink Real Coconut Water from Thailand. I drink that because it's not pasteurized. Anything pasteurized has no nutritional value because all the nutrients are destroyed by the extreme heat needed to kill any bacteria in the product before it's packaged and sent to market. Even if the product label list all of the nutrients, those nutrients are no longer alive once the product has been pasteurized.

I’ve noticed since I've been drinking coconut water, whenever a day goes by and I can’t drink enough water I don’t feel any cramping anywhere in my body anymore. Now don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need to drink water anymore because that is a fallacy. Our bodies are made of 90% water and it's necessary for us to drink water because it helps clean our systems by eliminating toxins and bulk waste after we eat.

Coconut water has potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are what's known as electrolytes and those electrolytes are essential to hydrate the body.

I prefer to drink coconut water straight out of the coconut because that's the freshest you can get; however when I can't get the fresh coconut; Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water. It is cold processed so it maintains all of the coconut's nutrients and it is my absolute favorite coconut water drink because it's so tasty, sweet and delicious; and since I've been drinking this one, I don't get cramps any more either!

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