What's Chanca Piedra? Also Referred to as Stone Breaker! Does it Dissloves Kidney Stones?

Chanca Piedra is an herb that comes from the rainforest in South America. The indigenous people of Brazil and Peru have been using it for years as an herbal remedy to dissolve kidney stones and all stones among other things.

According to what I've read in Wikipedia, scientist used a watery solution of Phyllanthus Niruri (the scientific name for Chanca Piedra ) in a study they did on the effects it had on rats; they determined that it may inhibit kidney stone growth and formation in animals who already have stones.

In my personal case, I had never heard of Chanca Piedra until one day I was out shopping and happened across a display for Medicinal Teas. I went over to the display and started reading the labels on the different teas when I came across a tea called stone breaker tea. The label read that this tea breaks up kidney stones and gall stones.

At the time I found this tea, I was suffering from something called "hyper-para-thyroid-ism" which is one cause of kidney stones the reason I had kidney stones too. There are many types of kidney stones as you can see from the pictures below:

The type of kidney stones I had was calcium kidney stones. One symptom of kidney stones is pain in the heels of your feet and there are other symptoms but I want to talk about this particular symptom right now.

Before calcium kidney stones are actually hardened into stones, they first start out as crystals in the urine and once the crystals mix with oxalate acid in the urine they solidify and harden into calcium kidney stones.

One day I was at the store with my sister. This was one of those times the heels of my feet were hurting me pretty bad from the crystals; so you can imagine how happy I was when I just happened upon this tea; so after reading what the stone breaker tea does, I decided, shoot,

I'm gonna give it a try and bought it! As soon a I arrived home, I boiled some water the same way you do regular Lipton Tea and steeped about a teaspoon full of the loose tea leaves, added honey to taste and drank a cup of it.

WOW, to my surprise and great delight, within about a half hour after drinking the tea my feet felt so much better! Not all of the pain was alleviated immediately but it was noticeably less painful and I was able to walk much better. Ummmm! So, I drank 3-4 cups a day and in less than a week I had no pain in my feet at all, NONE. The other great thing about it is it tastes good too and I didn't have any side effects. Talk about a happy camper! That was me! :-)

I decided to read more about Chanca Piedra and I found out the indigenous people of Brazil and Peru use it for diabetes, prostate disorders, asthma, fever, tumors, bladder infections, vaginitis, gall stones, poor circulation, excessive phlegm, bronchitis and many other things. However, I do not have first-hand knowledge of any of these claims I just mentioned but, I can speak about what the stone breaker tea did for me and that is, it did dissolve my kidney stones! Wooo Hooo!

This is the brand of Chanca Piedra loose tea that I used to dissolve my kidney stones.

This is the brand of Chanca Piedra loose tea that I used years ago to dissolve my kidney stones. I see Amazon.com is selling it now. Click on the photo to the left and see for yourself.

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