Cause of Kidney Stones

Hyperparathyroidism is one cause of kidney stones and it was the reason I kept getting kidney stones over and over again. However, there are other causes of kidney stones as well such as:

  • oxalate acid;
  • uric acid; and
  • cystine stone

My experience has been with Oxalate Acid in addition to the hyperparathyroidism. This type of kidney stone is formed when oxalate acid crystals in the urine and calcium are combined. It happens when you don't drink enough water to the oxalate acid out of your system. I didn't know I wasn’t drinking enough water to flush the oxalate acid from my body; so this was another cause of kidney stones for me.

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In addition, I didn’t know what foods I needed to cut down on either because the first time I got kidney stones, the doctors didn’t tell me that I had to watch the foods I ate. They didn't speak to me at all about my diet. In my generation, we were brought up to believe that the doctors knew everything so we just accepted what ever they said or didn't say.

In addition, back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s people were not as health conscious as they are today so there wasn’t as much information readily available to the general public. Click Here! To learn more about kidney diet to help prevent kidney stones.

After I read and found out about calcium and what foods contain calcium. I figured that was the reason why the doctors never mentioned my diet because calcium is in almost every food we eat.

I knew calcium is important for your bones, that information is all over the TV and in newspaper ads encouraging us to drink milk; but I had never heard of oxalate acid and certainly didn't know what foods contained it; let alone not knowing that the combination of calcium and oxalate acid coupled with not drinking enough water is a cause of kidney stones. Most kidney stones are calcium kidney stones. DUH!

All I knew was that I was suffering from terrible kidney stone pain and what could I do to dissolve kidney stones. I needed to get rid of the pain fast.

Once I found out about oxalate acid being a cause of kidney stones. I had to stop eating some of my favorite foods. Like tomatoes, broccoli, chives, rhubarb, parsley, cheese, eggs, black tea, kale, spinach, collard greens, turkey. Not only do some of these foods contain high levels or oxalate acid but they're also high in calcium.

Some foods I found I could eat was asparagus and string beans (some people call them green beans). I especially found these two foods helpful because after I ate them the heels of my feet felt so much better.

In addition, nopal (cactus) and prickly pears was also very good for me too eat. I could feel the positive results soon after eating them, especially in my knees. It was so painful to walk up and down the stairs and I could hardly bend my knees without feeling pain but after I ate the nopal (cactus) and prickly pears My knees felt so much better!

I love tomatoes, spinach, broccoli and collard greens, these were some of my favorite foods. I had to cut them out of my diet because of the high calcium content. I didn't cut calcium out altogether, I just stayed away from high calcium content foods such as the ones I just mentioned.

You have to have calcium for your bones and the proper functioning of your heart. I also loved cheese and turkey. I had to cut out cheese completely while I still ate turkey every once in a while, but every time I ate turkey, I noticed the heels of my feet would hurt so bad and when I stopped eating it I didn’t have as much pain. So I eventually stopped eating turkey too because I found out it is high in calcium.

Here’s the bottom line. You have to eat and calcium is an important mineral that we need in our diet and so is oxalate acid therefore, if hyperparathyroidism is the main cause of your kidney stones, go get it taken care of as soon as possible. Then you can eat whatever foods you want.

As for Uric Acid, another cause of kidney stones. It is produced in the body when a person eats a large quantity of meat on a regular basis. Too much meat causes acid in the urine and if you're not drinking enough water to dilute the acid in the urine, uric acid can become a cause of kidney stones formation.

Cystine stones are a heredity problem and happens to those persons particularly vulnerable to kidney stones in their families. Cystine can form crystals in the kidneys and become kidney stones.

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