Learn What Foods and Herbs Provide Optimal Health and Wellness And Live A More Joyful Life

The key to better health and wellness begins with healthy eating. Nature supplies everything we need to heal our bodies because it stores healing nutrients in something called phytochemicals found in food and herbs.

The body is a natural healer especially when we eat live whole foods. It's only when we eat unhealthy food that we experience pain and disease.

You can reverse many diseases with certain foods. Given the proper nutrients, our body is the most awesome healer we have. Healthy eating gives the body the proper nutrients and energy to heal itself.

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Medicine gets its healing properties from food and herbs as well. The problem with medicine is, it only takes a few chemicals from food and herbs to create a drug to heal a specific problem and in doing so, it causes many harmful side effects leaving your body in a state of poor health and wellness. This happens because medicine needs the other remaining chemicals it left in the food or herbs to balance out the drug it created so as to prevent harmful side effects.

Your body needs nutrition in its purest form from raw live foods and herbs to heal itself properly. The sum total of all these nutrients found in whole foods are what keeps your body from experiencing harmful side effects.

Medicine is not food, medicine is the result of one or two chemicals or nutrients extracted from the whole food or herbs which is called drugs or pharmaceuticals. It's those drugs and pharmaceuticals that causes harmful side effects. The mind of nature knows exactly what is required to heal our bodies and all that is required is housed in our food and herbs naturally by nature. Doctors and Scientist study nature to learn from it. Nature has all of the answers; and the answer to healing is in food and herbs perfectly balanced by nature.

Negative side effects happen because only one or two nutrients are present in drugs. Drugs are out of balance because they're lacking the other nutrients left behind in the food or herbs it was extracted from which are required by nature to balance them out. If the drugs contained all of the nutrients from the whole food or herbs, the body would experience good health and wellness and there would be no bad side effects.

Drugs may heal a specific symptom the drug is intended for but it does not heal the cause of the problem; it causes harmful side effects in other areas of the body in the process. Now you have another medical problem which requires more drugs, which cause more side effects, which cause even more problems and before you know it, you've harmed other healthy organs that were functioning perfectly well. In the meantime, your overall health and wellness is going down hill instead of getting better.

Medicine means well but it just doesn't do the job nature naturally provides in Live Superfoods and herbs. Nature gives us everything we need for optimal health and wellness.

Healthy eating is when we take farm fresh foods into our bodies. If possible, eat your food as close to picking time as as you can because that's when the nutritional value is most potent and the healing properties are at their peak! Be sure to chew your food well before swallowing it because chewing breaks out the nutrients and allows them to get into your system and aids in proper digestion.

The wonderful results of healthy eating is, you feel happy and satisfied because the food you just ate tastes really good and flavorful, your belly is full, you don't feel bloated and your body is happy too because your experiencing much better health and wellness!

There are some foods that some people cannot eat; however, there are many foods that can eliminate your health problems by making sure your body has the proper alkalinity.

You can heal cancer, kidney stones, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other things with healthy eating. To learn about what acid alkaline foods you can eat to fight your specific health problems Click Here!

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